717th Railway Operating Battalion

Unit was formed on 24 November 1943

717th ROB was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)

Name: James S. Cooney Jr.

1. Chick Merryman, Sioux,
   Iowa in Verdenn Germany.

2. Kubcki Pa., Krafcick, Ohio, Schmitt ,Conn.,
   Sipola NY Sikora Mich., Taken in Munster Germany.

3. Ken Shmill, Conn.,
   taken in Wahnbergar Germany.

4. Troiano and Ruble England 1945.

5. Bob  Troiano and Jim Cooney England 1945.

6. Taken in Munster Germany 1945.
Sipila ,  NY,  Schmitt Conn, Hunt ,  NY
Polk,  Mich, Sikora, Mich
Kubicki,  Pa., Cooney NY

7. Taken in Verdenn Germany 1945.
Sipila ,  NY, Merryman Iowa
Krafoick ,  Ohio, Jim Cooney  NY 

8. Taken in Verdenn Germany 1945.

9. Taken in Wahnberger Germany 1945
   Whitey Sipila

10.   My Dad Jim Cooney Hamm Germany 1945

  11.  Whitey Sipila Munster Germany 1945

  12.  My Dad Jim Cooney Newbury England 1945

  13.  Honor Guard Location and date unknown

   14. Kubeki Hamm Germany 1945
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This page is a tribute to a father by his son. If you have knowledge of any activites that James S. Cooney Jr. did during the war, please email and it will be forwarded to Mr. Cooney's son.

My father was a machinist for the Sperry Corp before the war and a NYC
   Fireman after the war. He entered the service June 2, 1943 and was discharged
   March 20, 1946.

All items on this page are Copyrighted with all rights owned by:  Jim Cooney
Used on this web site with permission.

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