Poem written by Ron Jensen, son of Robert "Bud" Jensen.

American Heroes
The 723rd shipped out to England, across the sea,
The obvious goal was to keep our country free.
 The Channel Crossing came next with barely a flaw,
And hours later, the 723rd would cross Utah.

Bivouacking near the beach was the next order of the day,
Orders forthcoming would dictate, go or stay.
Then it was Le Mans, Surdon, Versailles, and Dreux,
Because of the bombing there was so much to do.

  But working together they cleaned up the French mess,
   And how they managed, we can only guess.
  Now on to Germany, The trains would rumble,
   And because of your supply lines, the 3rd Reich would crumble.

  The word of heading home made GI's do back-flips,
   And nobody cared that it was on Liberty Ships.
  The trip home for most was quite a thrill,
   As the North Atlantic provided a harsh chill.

  Everyone then headed their separate way,
   Eventually to raise families, work, and turn gray.
  Brought together again by the 723rd Association,
   To remember the old times and tribulations.

  You think nothing of actions past,
   You were part of God's Master Cast.
  You were called to serve your country, as we all know,
   The truth of the matter is, You are our
American Heroes.

© Ron Jensen, September 23, 2000