The 723rd Railway Operating Battalion Association

  The 723rd has never been an organization to carry on, after WWII, like so many others. Only a certain few maintained interest thru the first few years -- '47 and '48 were the best attendance. Why the non-interest is beyond me. Maybe someone got their toes stepped on. Thru the first five years after WWII, I kept in touch on my own, some 300 members of the 723rd. After this time many were dropping to the side, didn't seem to care to keep up correspondence.
Guilford H. Howe, 723rd Unit Secretary, The Military Railway Service Journal, R.R.#1, March 1979.

  Many years ago, several tried to start groups; however, it wasn't until Ray Stevens used his energy, expertise, time and money that things started rolling.  As far as I know, no one has questioned the roll he has played in gathering our unit together and through this leadership he is our leader and commander.  Also a lot of help from Bud Howe, George Milliken and Bob Turner.  A few years ago, I heard of the unit through the Legion News.  Last year in Pittsburgh, I was elected (drafted) as Secretary/Treasurer.
William O. Olive, Jr., 723rd ROB Secretary/Treasurer, Newsletter #1, 1 January 1993.

  723d Name change - The title of 723d R. O. B. indicates a unit or active unit.  We need to indicate on our name and letterhead what we really are.  We discussed several.  To wit: 723d Railway Operating Battalion Association, 723d Railway Operating Battalion WW11 Association, 723d Railway Operating Battalion Veterans Association and 723d Railway Operating Battalion Veterans Group.  The vote was unanimous and now to be known from here on as:


William M. Olive, Jr., 723rd ROB Assn. Secretary/Treasurer, Newsletter #3, 25 September 1993.

  The 723rd's 51st Reunion was held in a separate location for the first time since the end of World War II. Commander Ray Stevens (C Co) passed away during the business meeting, and a new Commander, Monroe Adams (C Co) was elected. Also added were two new positions of Vice Commander East, Leonard A. Klein, (B Co) and West, Earl O. Full, (C Co).
Robert W. Hill, U.S. Army Chemical Corps, visitor to the Reunion, September 1996.

  Military Railway Service Veterans (MRSV) published its last bulletin announcing the Last Annual Reunion for September 1997.
Herschel M. Lewis, MRSV Final Bulletin, May 1997

  With the demise of the MRSV the 723rd ROB Assn. adopted a new set of by-laws. For the first time non-railway service members were allowed to "Officially" affiliate with the 723rd ROB Assn. First member in this category was Robert W. Hill, U.S. Army, who holds a special interest in Military Railroading.
William M. Olive, Jr., 723rd ROB Assn. Secretary/Treasurer, Newsletter #17, October 1997.

  The 54th Annual Reunion was held in San Antonio, Texas, the place where the 723rd ROB first was formed as a unit. During the Reunion a heavy cloud hovered overhead with the news that the Secretary/Treasurer, William M. Olive, Jr. was deathly ill. A new Vice Commander (West), Rodney Dully, (A Co) was elected, due to the passing away of Earl Full on the 24th of April, 1999. Bill Olive requested that a new Secretary/Treasurer be elected due to his health. The position of Treasurer was split away and Vice Commander (East) Leonard A. Klein was elected to the Treasurer position. The new Secretary elected was Robert W. Hill, (Associate Member)
Robert W. Hill, 723rd ROB Assn. Secretary, Newsletter # 23, Undated, 2000.

  The 55th Annual Reunion was held in Dayton, Ohio, a point that was centrally located for most of the surviving members of the 723rd ROB Association. Commander Monroe Adams stepped down and Robert (Bud) Jensen was elected as the new Commander, with the other officers remaining the same. The reunion had seven children of members attend at various times, along with two grandchildren.
Robert W. Hill, 723rd ROB Assn. Secretary, Newsletter #26, December 15, 2000.