Maintenance of Way Company
(Company A)
T/O 55-227

ORGANIZATION: Maintenance-of-way company is composed of company headquarters, bridge- and building-maintenance platoon, track-maintenance platoon, and signal maintenance section.

FUNCTION. a. Conditions frequently prevailing in the theater of operations make the task of the maintenance-of-way company very difficult. Rapid deterioration of the roadbed and track under heavy traffic and bombardment, and damage to other structures by the latter, place a severe burden on this company. Since personnel of this company are scattered over every mile of the railway division, authority must be delegated to subordinates and constant supervision exercised by officers of the company in order to insure efficient maintenance.

b.Maintenance of way includes repair and upkeep of track, switches, bridges, culverts, water lines, water tanks, buildings, signals, and communications; in fact, all railway property maintenance and repair which are not expressly delegated to other agencies.

c.The maintenance-of-way company gradually improves condition of the track as opportunity offers, and installs such additional facilities of a minor nature as may be found advisable for the purpose of improving train operation. Structures require almost constant and rigid inspection to prevent failure and possible accidents to trains.

d.An active enemy equipped with long range guns and bombing airplanes can be expected frequently to damage the roadbed and structures. Repairs must be accomplished rapidly and effectively. The maintenance-of-way company must have sufficient troops at its disposal to take care of emergency work of this character without seriously interfering with normal maintenance. Additional personnel may be provided from other companies of the battalion or by higher authority.

e.The track-maintenance platoon operates the water service facilities under technical supervision of the water service foreman.

COMPANY HEADQUARTERS. This headquarters has necessary personnel to take care of normal administration and supply of the company, coordination of maintenance activities, and operation of certain specialties common to the three platoons.

a.Captain, company commander, is the engineer, maintenance of way, and is directly responsible to the division superintendent or assistant division superintendent. He has charge of all engineering pertaining to maintenance of way and supervises maintenance of track, roadbed, bridges3 buildings, fences, and other structures, water supply, and signals and communications; makes frequent inspections to see that his organization is securing proper standard of maintenance; approves and checks before forwarding all requisitions for material; and is responsible that sufficient emergency stock is maintained on the division. He is also responsible for military administration of his company and for rendition of military and railway reports. His territorial limits are the same as those of the division superintendent.

b.Second lieutenant, assistant to the engineer, maintenance of way, normally handles administration. and supply matters under direction of the company commander. He may be delegated such other duties as the situation requires. He is assigned to track maintenance platoon headquarters.

First sergeant has immediate charge of all routine maters of the company. He prepares or supervises preparation of routine reports, keeps organization records, prepares and issues orders, and performs such other work as may be assigned to him.

A staff sergeant, draftsman, railway, is in charge of surveys, design, drafting, and photography. He is assisted by two railway draftsmen. When it is necessary to make surveys, additional men are detailed from the company headquarters or the platoon. Supply sergeant, staff sergeant, is in charge of receipt and issue of maintenance-of-way supplies of the battalion and individual and organizational supplies. of the company. He maintains such stocks of materials as the situation may demand. He keeps in touch with supply requirements of the platoons and prepares and forwards requisitions. He is assisted by stock clerks and drivers. He works under the technical supervision of the division storekeeper.

e.Corporal, company clerk, is charged with care and preparation of records of the company and reports to first sergeant.

f.Privates. Bugler, truck and tractor drivers, stock clerks, power-shovel operator, basic. Bugler is company messenger and reports to first sergeant. Basic privates are engaged on such tasks as may be designated by first sergeant. Truck drivers and stock clerks report to supply sergeant. A tractor driver and power-shovel operator report to first sergeant.

22. BRIDGE AND BUILDING MAINTENANCE PLATOON. This unit consists of platoon headquarters and tbree bridge and building sections. The platoon normally is charged with all railway maintenance other than rolling stock, motor vehicles, shop machinery, roadbed, and signal lines. The principal duties of the platoon are maintenance of bridges and buildings, and of coaling and watering facilities. The three bridge and building sections may be employed at various places along the line or on a three-shift basis for a given job.

a.Platoon headquarters. This headquarters coordinates and inspects activities of the bridge and building sections, and furnishes technical and crane services for the platoon.

(1)First lieutenant, platoon commander and supervisor of bridges and buildings, reports to the engineer, maintenance of way, to whom he is responsible for safety and adequacy of structures. He supervises work of his platoon and furnishes it with proper materials and tools. He is responsible for maintenance of emergency supplies of bridge material to replace structures washed out, burned out, or destroyed. He aids the track supervisor, if necessary, in opening the line for traffic after damage. He supervises maintenance-of-water stations, coal stations, and stationary boilers in stations and buildings except shops. He is responsible for messing and care of his men.

(2)Technical sergeant, second in command, is assistant supervisor of bridges and buildings and handles such matters as may be delegated to him by the platoon commander. He keeps all bridge records, prepares requisitions for bridge materials, prepares bridge reports, and keeps informed of the location of bridge materials, their kind, and quantity. He keeps technical records of other structures assigned to the bridge and maintenance platoon. He supervises activities of his staff sergeants, bridge, and building foremen.

(3) Staff sergeant, foreman of water service, is assisted by two technicians grades 4 and 5, and basic privates, if necessary. He determines quality of water by simple tests, quantity available, and recommends such changes as may be in the interest of more efficient service. He keeps in touch with the officer in higher headquarters charged with railway water activities. He maintains water installations in cooperation with bridge and building sections.

(4)Technicians and privates. (a) Technician, grade 4, is bridge inspector and reports to platoon commander, makes requisitions for bridge repairs, and performs duties assigned by company commander.

(b) Water supply men are charged with maintenance of pumps and water lines, and report to foreman of water service.

(c) Rigger performs duties as required and reports to technical sergeant, second in command.

(d)Privates perform duties as outlined in Table of Organization or as directed.

b.Bridge and building section. This section is organized and equipped to maintain structures and to build new structures within its capacity.

(1)Staff sergeant, in charge of the section, is construction foreman and supervises work of the section and is responsible for discipline and care of his men. He sees that there are no delays due to lack of materials. When section is separated from company mess he sees that arrangements are made for messing.

(2)Technicians and privates. (a) Two technicians grade 4, bridge builders, are group leaders and perform duties as assigned by section leaders.

(b) Technicians are assigned to group leaders or special jobs by the section leader. Included in section are blacksmiths, bridge and building general carpenters, pipe fitters, structural-steel workers, stone mason, and basics.

23.TRACK MAINTENANCE PLATOON. This unit is composed of a platoon headquarters and six track-maintenance sections of two squads each. It is responsible for the safe condition and proper maintenance of roadbed, track, tunnels, right-of-way, station grounds, driveways, crossings, fences, cattle guards, track signs, etc., within the railway divisional area.

a.Platoon headquarters. This headquarters supervises activities of the track-maintenance sections and distributes tools and materials, prepares and forwards requisitions, and routine inspection reports.

(i)First lieutenant, platoon commander, is track supervisor and reports to and receives instructions from the engineer, maintenance of way. He assigns territorial limits to track maintenance sections and prescribes their duties. He examines track maintenance sergeants and corporals, track section foremen, to see that they are conversant with all rules and special instructions of the maintenance-of-way department and such rules of other departments as are required in the proper performance of their duties. He holds track maintenance sergeants responsible for discipline, training men of their sections, and for railway property within their territories. He is responsible for advance ordering of sufficient track materials to insure rapid repairs, and for surplus materials in his territory. In case of train accident, line obstruction, or damage, he proceeds at once to the site with forces, tools; and materials at his command. He clears the track and makes temporary repairs to permit passage of trains. Permanent repairs are made as soon as conditions permit. He takes charge of all section hands who report for duty. He is responsible for care and messing of his men and defense of the line unless this defense is delegated to other troops.

(2)Staff sergeant, second in command, is assistant track supervisor, and handles such matter as may be delegated to him by the platoon commander. He normally supervises training and operation of personnel of the platoon.

b.Track-maintenance section. This section consists of a track-maintenance sergeant and two track-maintenance squads. It is a maintenance unit assigned to a prescribed territory, comprising two track sections, by the platoon commander. It is responsible for all maintenance work within territorial limits of the section unless expressly delegated to other units.

(1)Sergeant, track maintenance, is responsible for discipline and training of his men and supervises their work. He normally has administrative and disciplinary control of all personnel assigned to permanent duty within his area He is responsible for defense of his area. He has no technical control of men not assigned to his section. He commands track-maintenance personnel through corporals in charge of track-maintenance squads. He is responsible for all track-maintenance tools and materials within his area.

(2)Each track-maintenance squad is composed of:

(a)Corporal or private first class, track section foreman, is responsible for the maintenance of track, roadbed, and right-of-way of the territory allocated to him. He goes over rail lines of his area or sends a reliable trackwalker with suitable tools at least once a day to make thorough inspections and see that track, highway crossings, bridges, culverts, fences, signals, telegraph lines, etc., are in safe condition. He is responsible for discipline and training of his men, for tools and materials assigned to him by the track-maintenance sergeant, and for timely requests for additional tools and supplies.

(b) Privates, section hands.

24.SIGNAL MAINTENANCE SECTION. This unit reports to the engineer, maintenance of way. It is responsible for maintenance of communications of the railway division, and its duties. include repair of telephone, telegraph, and signal equipment, and the maintenance of signal and communication lines. When conditions warrant, the signal-maintenance section may be attached to the headquarters company for duty.

a.First lieutenant, as signal supervisor, is in charge of section. He supervises all signal and communication maintenance and cooperates with the Signal Corps on technical matters.

b.Staff sergeant, wire chief, telephone and telegraph, is second in command, and handles such matters as may be delegated to him by the platoon commander. He normally supervises training and operation of personnel of the section.

c.Corporals, linemen, telephone and telegraph, who direct maintenance of wires and circuits; and railway signal maintainer, who directs repairs to railway signal equipment and circuits.

d.Technicians, general carpenter, lineman, railway signal maintainers, telephone and telegraph installer repairman, and basics.