723rd Railway Operating Battalion

Message from the Commander

04 October, 1999
Dear friends of the 723rd,

Another great reunion has passed, but the memories shall last on forever. Seeing Ft. Sam Houston and touring San Antonio brought back many memories of first weeks in the service and our basic training. Yes, there was a big change in the city and Ft. Sam. It is a pretty place and we were glad we got to go back.

By the vote of those at the reunion we’ll be having another one in a year from now. We have already got the ground work started and we’ll keep you informed of the progress we make. Emil Zirkle will head the committee from Ohio. Myself, as Commander, Leonard Klein and Rodney Dully, as Assistant Commanders, will be here to carry on the work and keep the great feeling in our group which we have.

There has to be a sad note about our reunion and that was the absence of our Sec. & Treasurer, and most of all our beloved comrade Bill Olive. What a great devoted person he was to our Battalion, to his position as Sec. & Treasurer, to each of us and to his devoted wife, Bea.

Bill and Bea, thanks from all of us for the Service you have given so willingly. We love you.

To you Bea and all of the other Spouses of our buddies who have passed on, we welcome you all to come to our reunions. You are part of us and we love you.

When you hear of any news that is of interest to us, please write it down and send it to Robert Hill, (address omitted for internet purposes) or call him. I am sure he will do a good job on the letter and keeping our records. Thanks Robert.

To all of you our summer has gone, fall and harvest are here and we are thankful for our beautiful country, where we have plenty and are free.

Our best wishes to all of you who have health problems or other sorrows.



Commander and Chaplain