723rd Railway Operating Battalion

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The goal is to document the 723rd Railway Operating Battalion in a historical and geographic manner.  This is going to be an on-going project and it will have to balance personal feelings and raw data.  A dangerous thing to do is to mix both of these, but I cannot let academia get in the way of friendships that I have made with members of the 723rd R.O.B. Assn. 

Geography 492
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Department of Geography

Name:  Robert W. Hill    Semester:  Summer  Year: 1999

Address:  XXXX                                                              

Class:  Junior

Phone:  XXXXXXXXXX              Major:  Geography

Instructor (s):  Doctor Roger Sandness

Credit Hours:  Three

Transcript Topic Title:  723rd Railway Operating Battalion (ROB) - Retirement Study

Complete the following briefly:

1.  Why do you want to study this topic:  I would like to document the men that served in the 723rd ROB.  It will be a historical and geographic project combined.  I met twelve individuals from the 723rd ROB in 1996 and I am scheduled to attend the 54th Reunion of the unit in September, 1999.

Web site Address:  http://www.members.tripod.com/USMRR/index

2.  How are you to go about studying this topic:  I spoke with Dr. Napton and Dr. Berg during the Spring term about doing a Poster and Presentation for the 2000 Geography Conference in Brookings and they gave me some invaluable advice  I have mailed a survey to each of the living members of the 723rd ROB Association, which is the group of men from the 723rd ROB.  I have attached a copy of the survey to this page. 
     I have also started a web page on the unit.  The web site has data from W.W.II records, pictures that were taken during the war, and a geography study section.  I will input the information from the survey onto the web page for the 723rd ROB members to track my progress.

Mailed:  109 surveys  6/10/99                                       Returned Undeliverable:  Three
Returned filled out as of:  8/12/99  49

3.  What are your goals for studying this project:  The main goal is to determine if the Army impacted the individuals choice of occupation (job) after the war, and the place they ended up retiring at.
     The secondary goal (s) are to leave the 723rd ROB members with something that their children and grandchildren can use to see what happened during W.W.II.  It was not all blood and guts, and this unit's home page will show that.

Approved as a project on 7/19/99 by Doctor Roger Sandness

Late update: August 12, 1999

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