United States Military Rail Roads
Robert W. Hill, U.S. Army Retired

Transportation Corps

723rd Railway Operating Battalion

Officially formed July 31, 1942, The Transportation Corps took over the operation of Military Railroads from the Engineer Corps.

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Coast Artillery Corps

Photo Copyrighted by Fort MacArthur Museum. Used with permission.

First used by the U.S. Military, railroad artillery was used up to the end of W.W.II.  The Coast Artillery operated the railroad guns owned by the U.S. Army.  During W.W.I the Navy operated U.S. railroad gun France.  The railroad runs in the U.S. enjoyed their zenith during the 1920's.  The 14-inch Model 1920 MKII was the best rail gun produced up to that time.

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Engineer Corps

Operated the railroads up to 1942, then the Transportation took over the mission.  Responsible for constructing and repairing railroads in tactical areas of operations.

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Military Model Railroading

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Rail Road Stamps

Not a U.S. Railway Gun

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