723rd Railway Operating Battalion

Message from the Vice Commander (West)

09 January, 2000
Dear friends of the 723rd,

    Lois and I are delegates to the CIOR convention being held in Berlin 28 July - Aug. 3rd.   I am planning to retrace the route of the 723rd from the beach  and hit "ALL" of the locations we operated in and around.  We will take both video and still cameras.
    I will need from  our members  the names and locations of the towns and buildings we utilized.  I hope to have retraced all of our French steps so there will be a video for our Ohio convention.
    If possible we will  try  to include Germany.  All I need is where  were we and what towns or important to you "People or sites  that you would enjoy seeing  again after  fifty plus years.

From the Vice Commander of the  "ALL ABOARD "